Lucy is a 2 year old American Golden Retriever who brings so much love and joy to our practice everyday!

Lucy was born in Grand Rapids, in August of 2020, with a breeder who breeds Golden Retrievers for families around the nation and “Paws with a Cause”. Dr. Steph waited 2 years on a waiting list to bring Lucy home to her family, and she was worth the wait!

It was Dr. Stephanie’s dream to train Lucy to become a therapy dog, and this dream became a reality when Lucy passed her training with Alliance of Therapy Dogs, here in West Michigan, in January of 2022 at 16 months old. Lucy loves coming to work, seeing patients, their families and our team. She is calm, kind, and is an excellent cuddle buddy. She seems to always be wagging her tail and smiling with her eyes, which makes kids and grown-ups feel at ease.

When Lucy is not at work, she loves spending time with her “people”, Dr. Steph, Dr. Tony, Sophie(5), Benjamin(3) and Anna(1). She loves to swim, chase balls, run and play. She loves other dogs almost as much as she loves people.

If you see Lucy at the office, feel free to ask to see her, pet her, or request her to sit with your child during their appointment. She is a fan favorite of the nurses and anesthesiologists who visit our office as well! We are SO lucky to have Lucy on our Team!!

Lucy West Michigan Pediatric Dentists