Laser Tongue-Tie Surgery Frenectomy | Gingivectomy

A laser is a device that emits light. It is sometimes used in surgery to remove and vaporize tissue. In dentistry, lasers have a number of uses. They can be used on soft tissues in the mouth to release tongue and lip ties. We accept referrals from lactation consultants, speech therapists, pediatricians and other health professionals for these procedures.


Lip and tongue tie evaluation is part of our routine dental examination. Many parents are unaware their child may benefit from this procedure. This is a quick in-office procedure, which involves vaporizing the soft tissues which may be impeding proper oral function, such as latching during nursing, or speech. The procedure results in minimal to no bleeding. Local anesthesia is not always required as the procedure typically does not cause discomfort. Post-operative pain or sensitivity following the procedure is minimal when using our dental laser, making this a preferred option for children who require a lip or tongue tie release.

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Some children require removal of gum tissues for esthetic or medical reasons. We offer this procedure in our office using our dental laser.

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